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Yuvathi (Let her fly)

Special focus on Teenage girls and young women 

Increased domestic violence, abuse inside and outside the home, eve teasing, work place harassment and many more issues oppress younger women (yuvathi). The suicide rate is increasing as many see it as the only solution for their problems.

Women are culture bearers, more spiritual and better agents of change. We have to let them fly..

This programme is designed to help younger women to become empowered and engage in a positive attitude towards life.

  • Workshops / seminars on various issues affecting teenage girls and young women to address their issues, empower and enlighten
  • Coffee fellowship gathering for working young professionals
  • Quarterly discussion on Television with speakers (experts) and practitioners
  • Swap-Shop make over ( urban and semi-urban combination of teenage girls)
  • Training programmes on soft skills, career guidance and health

The youth in a changing culture need to be focused.  *Yuvathi means young women in Telugu (local dialect of Andhra Pradesh)