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An initiative of development programme for Teenage girls in health, education and empowerment 

Engaging with 14-18s in your college/neighborhood: this is the age group which was the most isolated. It is vital to focus on teens as they have many questions and challenges in the school/college as well as society. Its ok to talk- encourages every teen to share and learn about life skills.


Teen2Teen – first gathering


Inspiration of the project:

bunch of teenage girls from various cultural and religious backgrounds started to hang around in a house (host of the programme) just to know each other more …from their words…

Being wid the teen2teen is quite a daily routine … its just like catching up with friends and discuss about our personal issues Its a total comfort zone, speaking , interacting and exchanging ideas and thoughts Its very important esp for young teenagers since as they are growing they might have thousands of questions about whats happening with their body , their feelings or etc .. And if they belong to a broken family or a stern parents who doesn’t talk freely , teen2teen is a perfect place ! Its just a small gathering but it makes a huge impact on ones life !

we encourage all teenage girls to form a informal group in your neighborhood, (find a trust worthy female mentor) and all you have to do is to SHARE…UR STORY..

if u want to talk to us please like us on facebook (YP4LifeIndia) and will be in touch with u..

Teen2Teen @ ur school

Young People for Life India proposes to run our Teen2Teen programme in high schools and junior colleges in Hyderabad. Through the Teen2Teen programme, we are going to focus on three major areas towards solutions for the problems identified by our teens. Teen2Teen programme includes training programmes on:

  • Understanding Puberty
  •  Health and Nutrition
  • Life Skills (includes soft skills and career guidance)
  • Gender and Human rights

We also invite  all schools from rural and suburban areas of Telengana to initiate Teen2Teen at your schools.   All you need to just ring us or mail us your interest. We also customize programme as per your need.  Every girl matters to Teen2Teen…..your one call or mail can change life of hundreds of teens in your school/ community and city.