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Project Areas

Project areas

1. Education   & Training

  • Leadership Development
  • Life-skills
  • Cross-Cultural Study & Engagement
  • Culture of Peace
  • Art and Dance

2. Gender & Women Empowerment

3. Human Rights, Justice & Peace

4. Health  & Social Care

5. Environment & Ecology

6.  Children & Youth Development

Current Projects and Programmes

What is the need? Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India which has more than four million students in Hyderabad alone – referred to as the global village with the highest suicidal rates.
How do we reduce this suicide rate? What are the reasons for this? Why do our young people not get support and security from our cities or country? What makes them so frustrated and want to end their wonderful lives?

We may not find all the answers on websites and in books. People and communities are the best place to search for the answers.

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If you have any queries or need more information on these projects and programmes, please write to us or join in our online community groups. Any of your youth groups or college groups would like to use our resources and expertise, please contact us.