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This is very similar to YEP ,open for individual students/ graduates from any college/institute/university. It is a basic YEP programme hosted by a family in Hyderabad – most of the host families may like to offer free accommodation.Travel and food should be paid by the intern/volunteer.

We also provide opportunity to train and travel with local partnering institutions and organisations.  We recommend students get a recommendation letter from the school/ college in order to sign a contract if it is part of a gap year and long term. We will also provide certification and credits for long term internship/volunteering, focusing on a specific subject area.

Internship/volunteering could be from one month to one year. You should be above 18 years and should have a recommendation/ authorization from your parents/ college whichever is relevant.

For short term internship/volunteering, there is no need for official documentation. You could come as a visitor.

2014-15 Social Interns: Priya,Susri, Apoorva, Sneha and Aditya from Narsi Monjee Institute of Management School, Hyderabad@YP4LI. Spent 3-weeks on social internship with Young People for Life India


Social Interns from Badruka College of Commerce, Hyderabad. Fourteen commerce students volunteered to be part of the educating a girl child awareness events with Young People for Life India.

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