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Annual Day of the Girl

Girls promoting Day of the Girl


United Nations Declares October 11 “International Day Of The Girl Child,” Recognizes the Challenges and Power of Girls  

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to declare October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, establishing a day to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. The action follows a multi-year campaign by activists in Canada and the United States. In reserving a day for advocacy and action by and for girls, the UN has signaled its commitment to end gender stereotypes, discrimination, violence, and economic disparities that disproportionately affect girls.


We are here to promote and proclaim the Day of the Girl – 11 October 2012, with thousands girls around the globe. We believe that, the International Day of the Girl Child serves to recognize girls as a population that faces difficult challenges in India, including gender violence, early marriage, child labor, and discrimination at work.

Join hands:

Young People for Life India joins with Ushassu ( a project for educating girls in slum areas)  and Shaheen – Women Resource Center to observe the ‘International Day of the Girl‘ on 11 October 2012. We are also encouraged to meet many local organisations working for empowerment of young girls and women in Hyderabad.

Goal of the event:

  • to speak out against gender bias
  • to advocate for girls rights every where…
  • to  promote initiatives for NGO’s, corporate and colleges to work actively on girls rights
  • to meet thousands of girls under one shade to introduce inspirational girls in India

For pre-event promotional activities and information on the Day of the Girl event, please click here.

Events in the city:

  1. Awareness camps: 5-10 October 2012  ( in schools and colleges)
  2. Big proclamation campaign on 11 October 2012 – start from St Georges Girls Grammar High School, Abids, Hyderabad at 10:30a.m to 12:00p.m & Shivarampally

 We invite all the girls in twin cities and families to join for this magnificent event …to make this day memorable for your girls – daughters 

 More information on above events please contact: 8522914011 or write to us  yp4lifeindia@gmail.com

Before 11th – Promotional in the city.. click here to see

Various community based NGO’s and colleges are part of the promotion of the Girls’s Rights- Day of the Girl campaign

Girls promotional

Final event on 11 October 2012:

More than 100 girls joined in our final day campaign. We had a rally with school children at Shivarampally area and some leaflet distribution:

Rally with the school children in the village


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