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An Evening of Cross Culture & Conversation

Venue: Seminar Hall, Carlton Business School, Sainik Aramghar Complex, Somajiguda.

Date & Time: Friday 19th February 2016 @3:30pm-5:30pm #High Tea followed by Solidarity evening.

Increased internationalization in the economic, political, and social arenas has led to greater interpersonal cross-cultural contact. Because much of this contact has not been successful, cross-cultural training has been proposed by many scholars as a means of facilitating more effective interaction. The rapid growth and increasing visibility of ethnic and racial groups has vigorously challenged social work to educate students for ethnic-competent practice in cross-cultural settings.

In this context, Young People for Life India inviting you a seminar on ‘Cross-cultural Engagement’ with its friends of International Organizational background to share their experiences and help to take off, miss understandings and issues on insensitivity of cross-cultural work in and around us. It’s an opportunity to listen and learn from young minds for many walks of life for bringing social change and communal harmony in India

A Panel of Speakers: Friends of Young people for Life India

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