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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our charity!

Young People for Life India is a National Charitable Trust, run by dedicated Women Practitioners, working to share and transform the lives of youth in India and abroad. Working with many young people each month, we draw alongside teens from different backgrounds and cultures in India and abroad. Our local partners/ volunteers specialize in working with unreached youth to transform them into empowered citizens.

The Trust is committed to the empowerment of young people in our community, especially teenage girls and younger women in the suburban and urban poor settings of India.

In each of our youth programmes, we approach the three E’s;

Engaging, Empowering and Enlightening

Our passion is keeping our mission alive. We work with people on the ground ensuring that thousands of young people (and their families) will benefit. We are very fortunate to be part of this God-given mission- empowering young people to seek a better future and transform the lives of others. We are committed to our purpose and thank you for your interest in what we do.

Thanks for your time,

Shobha Gosa


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